patiently working for it

patiently working for itJune 2011 when we signed a contract saying we will stay together for the rest of our life. We decided to do a civil wedding since we can’t afford the cost of having a church wedding at that time although it is our dream. But, we promised each other that one day when we are capable financially we will do our dream church wedding. We know it might take a while, but we will patiently work for it and actualize the dream.

Well, I planned to have it on 2014 on the same day and month although it is still bleak if it will materialize. But, we already started the hunt for wedding essentials like wedding rings for men, wedding dress, and invitations and so on. We found a few that fits our taste and styles. But, we still have to check whether we will do the purchase already since it’s still a year to go before the planned date, hopefully.